first 5 months of Elly

She came! =) And we're having so much fun being Daddy and Mommy.  I lose track of time just looking at her sweet little face.  I realized when she was a few weeks old that I wasn't seeing her as a baby.  The ageless, yet maturing person inside that partially-formed little body is emerging more... Continue Reading →


Daniel’s marathon

Hey friends!  Daniel here. Can you do me a favor?  I'm training for my second marathon on November 6th, and it's been challenging to keep up with training when there are so many other things I'd rather do, like read, write, or sleep.  I'd really appreciate it if you could text or email me occasionally,... Continue Reading →

Lyme diagnosis

I was hoping if I wrote a blog post around this time, it would have cute baby Elly pictures, and maybe some haggard Lydia and happy Daniel pictures thrown in. 😉  Nope, she's not here yet.  She threatens to come every day and keeps us on our toes!  She won't be considered "late" until next... Continue Reading →

Growing baby and puppy

Life continues on apace and I have a 6-month old jumping around in my tummy! Baby Elly is quite entertaining, even from the inside. Latest development is that she's started responding to sounds.   This weekend Daniel took me to see the North Carolina Symphony's Messiah concert and she particularly appreciated Isaiah 53:6, with all the... Continue Reading →

Everything changes at once!

Have you ever noticed that every once in a while, everything changes at once?    Sure, we moved across the country two months ago, but a lot more has changed than our location!  Keep reading for some big Forbes family news! We are thankful to have found a church, Open Door Church of Raleigh.  They're a fairly large... Continue Reading →

Across the country

It was long.  It was hot.  We didn't know what it would be like at the end. We were leaving our family and friends in the West Coast and driving all the way to the East Coast to make new ones.  We were not much fun to be around. Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon?  I... Continue Reading →

Hawai’i and the next adventure

Our first year of marriage, and our year in Southern California, is over.  Right now we're  relaxing on Maui with Daniel's family before starting our long road trip to Wake Forest, North Carolina! Our new home is just down the street from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, where Daniel will be starting his PhD in Old... Continue Reading →

D&L Forbes, est. 6/13/15

Welcome to the brand new Forbes family blog!  As you can see, it's still under construction. It keeps the life spam off Facebook, and it keeps those who want to be updated, updated!  Because Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Forbes are going places. Our first stop is where Eternal Summer reigns around the fair city of... Continue Reading →

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